Operations Systems and Services (OSaS) works with manufacturing companies to improve their productivity and competitiveness. 

OSaS will work with you to assess your manufacturing systems from end-to-end and provide and implement the best solutions to improve the effectiveness of your operations.

  • We help companies to find ways to improve production planning and scheduling, inventory control and operations management.
  • We assist companies to structure data to support manufacturing operations.
  • We provide and implement the correct tools for operations, such as MES and MOM systems, as well as training and support.
  • We assist with the efficient use of track and trace solutions e.g. inventory control and production order tracking.
  • We assist in extracting improved management information from new or existing systems.

Are you a manufacturing company that wants to:

  • Improve customer service?
  • Increase productivity?
  • Reduce stock and improve inventory control?
  • Reduce planning and scheduling effort?
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy?
  • Make better use of the planning and scheduling tools you already own?

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