What if you didn’t need to hold a morning production meeting? What if you did not have to use management’s time inefficiently to discuss sales priorities, yesterday’s achievements and all the other miscellaneous subjects that arise?

Consider this scenario:

  • Your factory’s Digital Twin already reflects achievements, projected work and planned maintenance activities.
  • The Scheduler works with Production Management and the Sales department continuously during the day to change schedules in recognition of real and potential problems, to cater for priority changes.
  • The Scheduler draws issues to the attention of Senior production management, when they occur, to agree what actions are required.
  • Production Management meets on an impromptu basis, with only those affected, to resolve issues

If all of these events are taking place, why would it be necessary to hold a morning meeting?

Case studies of companies who have a Digital Twin and appropriate scheduling logic report that they no longer run morning production meetings.

They still run meetings to discuss company policy details, HR matters and other events where it is easier to talk to groups. These meetings however occur infrequently and are organised as required.

If you may feel that no extra costs are incurred meeting, then consider combining jobs, banning overtime, increasing training, etc. You are bound to be able to find tasks that make better use of a Production Manager’s time.

Start your daily meeting recognising it as an indicator of your company not yet having achieved the ability to manage its production operation via the system and work towards achieving that goal.